Hermann Härtel

Ph.D: (Dr. rer. nat.) 1966, TH Stuttgart
Solid State Physics

from 1973 till 2001:
Senior Scientist at IPN, University Kiel
since 2001:
Guest Scientist at
Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, University Kiel

Fields of Activity

Development of Simulation Based Teaching/Learning Material


Development of computer generated animations

By using the design program 3d-Studio-Max a series of short videos in mpg format about different topics of physics have been developed. The flexibility of computer graphics in form of continuous transitions, virtial trips and motivating visualizations are used to support difficult learning tasks.

Development of short videos to support activities in physics classes

Evaluation of learning material in respect to motivation and understanding

  • Results of a test about Force and Motion" , administered by members of the ColoS group in 1999/2000
  • Results of a test about Basic concepts in mechanics", administered by members of the ColoS group in 1999/2000
  • Computer supported course material about ,Inertial mass - Gravitational mass".
  • Results of a pre-test about Voltage
  • Templates to conduct the voltage test
  • Test as pdf-file
  • Test in html-format
  • Reply sheet
  • When conducting the test in html-format the items will be presented to the students in sequence using a projekt with some explanations if necessary.
    Each participant receives a reply sheet to indicate the answers.
  • The test in html-format can be downloaded here.


Own newer Publications

on the topic "Electricity"


on the topic: "Electromagnetic Induction"


Older Publications