This site offers supplementary files in order to run the POLARIS code as well as scripts and documents for analysis and training purposes. The POLARIS source code itself is available on request. Feel free to contact us for questions beyond the provided material.

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Manual and POLARIS  Dust models  Spectra  Molecular lines / Zeeman files  Code / Scripts 


The source codes, input files, and scripts on this site are free of charge for any scientific purpose. They are provided in the hope that it will be useful but without any warranty of ability or fitness of a particular purpose. We also reject any responsibility for incorrect results that may emerge from these source codes and scripts (see the GNU General Public License for more details).

Manual and POLARIS

POLARIS RT code (MacOS / Linux, Ver. 4.04.00)

POLARIS manual


Dust models

The dust models are pre-calculated with DDSCAT and stored in a file format for the direct use with POLARIS.

astro - sillicate (Update 05.18.2015)

graphite (Update 05.18.2015)



star cluster (1000 Msun) (Update 11.01.2016)

interstellar radiation field (Update 11.01.2016)


Molecular lines / Zeeman files

HI molecular line (Update 03.01.2017)

HI zeeman (Update 03.01.2017)

OH molecular lines (Update 12.01.2017)

OH zeeman (Update 12.01.2017)

SO molecular lines (Update 12.01.2017)

SO zeeman (Update 12.01.2017)

CN molecular lines (Update 12.01.2017)

CN zeeman (Update 12.01.2017)

CCS molecular lines (Update 12.01.2017)

CCS zeeman (Update 12.01.2017)


Code / Scripts

Grid generators

octree grid generator (Update 31.08.2018)

spherical grid generator (Update 31.08.2018)

cylindrical grid generator (Update 31.08.2018)

voronoi grid generator (Update 04.02.2019)


FLASH -> POLARIS (Update 31.08.2018, requires QuickFlash)

AREPO -> POLARIS (Update 12.07.2017)

AREPO (hdf5) -> POLARIS (Update 12.07.2017)

AREPO (type2 with tags) -> POLARIS (Update 12.07.2017)

RAMSES -> POLARIS (Update 12.07.2017, requires pymses)

FITS Cubes -> POLARIS (Update 31.08.2018)