Tracing planets in circumstellar discs


Welcome to PLACID

PLACID (Tracing Planets in Circumstellar Discs) is a web-interface for the database of our investigations
on the observablity of planet-induced structures in circumstellar discs.

Based on several hydrodynamical disc model we simulate te radiative transfer in the discs by using MC3D (Wolf et al. 1999, Wolf et al. 2003).
With the CASA 3.2 simulator we calculate an observation with ALMA out of the radiative transfer results.
A user can look up models that fits to his needs and PLACID will offer a prediction of the observability.

 PLACID was developed in order to provide our simulations for further analysis.
Our wide range explorations on the detectability of planet-induced structures in circumstellar disc contains all parameters a user is asked for on the main page.
After the input the interface offers our results for a simulated observation by ALMA and assesses the output.
Besides this, the objects SED, the ALMA-PSF and a Noise map is available for a download.
If an input causes an observation that is not feasible, PLACID will draw a red cross in his assessement.
After that a figure will show you under which conditions your model will be traceable.

The default input will lead you to a feasible observation that is shown in the picture on the top.

[ Detailed remarks and citations: Ruge et al. (see here)]

Pictures above: Database-Output for the default input

Jan Philipp Ruge